Some of our favorite comic book heroes have had to make some daring escapes in their day. Captain America dodged the Nazis in World War II, Iron Man has ducked A.I.M. on numerous occasions, and Thor has gotten out of scuffles in all ten realms. But the latest person to get out of a tight spot happens to be comic book writer Ryan North.

In the pages of ‘Unbreakable Squirrel Girl’, North creates stories with artist Erica Henderson about mild-mannered Doreen Green and her furry companions eating nuts and kicking butts. But earlier this week it was the Canadian cartoonist and his lovable pup Chompsky starring in their own adventure that found them literally trapped in hole.

Though it sounds like something straight out of an old episode of ‘Lassie’, it all started innocently enough. While on a walk, North and Chompsky slid down into a graffitied bowl in a skate park so that the comic creator could snap a cool picture of his dog. But when he went to climb out, he realized that it took two hands to get out and he needed one hand to carry the dog. Not wanting to call 911 with something as trivial as this, North turned to his Twitter for answers:

Naturally, this resulted in some hilarious questions, comments, and ultimately a solution:

Not one to take himself too seriously, North shared a link round up on his Tumblr of all the outlets that covered his walk that got “messed up so badly it made the news”. He even joined the Global News morning show to talk about his trials and tribulations in the hole:

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I don’t know about you, but this sounds like the kind of thing that would probably be joked about by the likes of Squirrel Girl, Chipmunk Hunk, and Koi Boy. I’m even willing to bet that North’s friends in the industry like ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ writer Dan Slott or ‘Howard the Duck’ writer/’Sex Criminals’ artist Chip Zdarsky might poke fun at the incident in their own comics down the line. No matter what sort of hilarity comes afterwards, many thanks to Ryan North (and Chompsky) for being as entertaining in real life as he is in his comics.