mmprpinkIf you were a child of the 90s it’s probably safe to say you were a big ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ fan, and few names associate with this super fun action franchise like former series star Amy Jo Johnson. Amy played the first Pink Ranger, Kimberly Hart, on the show. In doing so, she earned herself a place among the most beloved and iconic characters in 90’s entertainment nostalgia. While Johnson left the show after only a handful of seasons and two feature film appearances, she is easily one of the most memorable characters from the franchise and still remains a huge part of the series history. But the original run of ‘Power Rangers’ happened over twenty years ago, the real question is, what is Amy Jo Johnson up to today? Well, you won’t have to wait long to find out!

We were recently able to catch up with Amy Jo Johnson at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con to find out just what she has been up to lately! Amy has been really stepping up her game in the entertainment industry between her film work both acting and now directing, as well as her ongoing music career! Amy Jo Johnson is a media force you won’t want to miss, and we’ve got the full story below in our exclusive interview with this former Pink Power Ranger! Check it out below!

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Science Fiction (SF): First off, thanks for taking the time for this interview! We know you’ve got a ton going on and a lot of your fans would love to know what you’re up to! Starting off, ‘Power Rangers’ has been an ongoing entertainment powerhouse for over two decades now! What’s it like to have been viewed as such as positive role model for multiple generations of viewers?

Amy Jo Johnson (AJJ): I think it’s kind of an incredible thing that was sort of added to this experience! It was my first job, and that was not even my intention when I went into that first job but in hindsight twenty years later the fact that it has helped a lot of people is something I find really really cool and I’m really happy to have been such a big part of so many peoples lives!

SF: How do you feel your time spent on the show has affected your life now?

AJJ: Actually a lot! Now with my feature film I just did, ‘The Space Between‘, I raised half of the money to do it through crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and everybody who put in money to that campaign to help me make my first feature… well the majority were people who were ‘Power Rangers’ fans twenty years ago, so it’s really been nice to have the support from fans!

SF: That actually brings me to one of my next questions, last year you made your film directorial debut with ‘The Space Between’, what was it like to transition from just acting in front of the camera to also directing behind the camera? What was it like to direct a full film like that? power-rangers-production-team-en

AJJ: It was incredible! The most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life and I cannot wait to do it again! I’m in the middle of the second draft of my second feature, which I’m really hoping to shoot next March in Montreal, and I just can’t wait! Actually directing… is just the best out of all the processing in making a film. I like it better than writing, even though I love writing, I like it better than the post, which is the editing and I really love that too… but actually being on the ground running around with the cameras and shooting and keeping it all on time… I love it! I wish I was doing it right now!

SF: As both an actor and now a director, would you say there were any films or stories that inspire you and the directions you take on your projects?

AJJ: Other stories that have inspired my work? Yeah sure! I’m so bad with names sometimes, but there’s  a director from Quebec who did… well the big one he did recently was ‘Dallas Buyers Club’… Jean-Marc Vallée! He’s incredible. One of his first films he ever did was ‘Cafe Del Flore’ and that movie so inspires me! I find it so beautiful and so moving. I just really admire him and his work. I like how his brain tells the story… like it can go into this fantasy world but also keep things linear. I really love that and I’d love to start experimenting with that in my own films.

SF: Of all of the roles you’ve played over the years, do you have one that stands out to you as your favorite? Or one that resonates with on a more personal level that you relate to the most? amy-jo-johnson-flashpoint

AJJ: I think for me the five years I spent doing ‘Flashpoint’ was a really important time in my life. I think through shooting ‘Flashpoint’ and being surrounded by all of these guys I really found my confidence within those five years and gained the courage and the confidence to become a director and start doing what I really love. It also could be that during that time I had a baby, Francesca, and I think that changes a person. I think I let go of a lot of the insecurities that I had before that were getting in my way.

SF: Not to dial things all the way back to ‘Power Rangers’, but what are your thoughts on the upcoming reboot that Lionsgate is doing of the ‘Power Rangers’ film franchise?  Would you get involved if they asked?

AJJ: I would get involved if they asked! I’m actually really curious and sort of excited about it. I’m excited to see what they do with it, and I think we all are! I think we’re all like “this could go in either direction”, you know? I mean doesn’t it have a $170 million dollar budget? I really hope they have great writers and that there’s a good story.

SF: Have you seen the recently revealed Rita Repulsa redesign, and do you have any thoughts on it? my jo johnson 4

AJJ: You know I did, and for some reason is reminded me a lot of Dulcea (from ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’)! I think it was the green in it. It probably isn’t what they were going for but we will see! Elizabeth Banks is an incredible actress, she is so good! I think whatever they dress her up in, she is going to kill it!

SF: Do you have any words of wisdom for Naomi Scott, who is taking on your former mantle of The Pink Ranger?

AJJ: Oh I don’t know, but I’d really love to meet her one day! Honestly, no, I don’t have any advice for her beyond just go for it! Which I’m sure she is.

SF: I know you touched on this a bit already, but we know you’re always keeping busy between your film projects and your music, but what’s next for you? What is the next big thing your fans can expect to see?

AJJ: Hopefully my feature ‘The Space Between’, that I just finished! We are submitting the festivals right now but once we figure out our festival route in 2017 we are definitely going to release it on VOD (Video On Demand) and people will be able to see it online. I really want to do a comic-con tour in 2017 and sort of hit around ten or fifteen comic-cons and show the film at the end of the night for the people who come to the conventions! Maybe they can come and watch the film with me! I’m also working on my second feature, ‘My Heart Is In My Head’ right now, so it’s exciting!

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