Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 Cosplay

As almost any geek will tell you, there really isn’t anything quite like going to a comic convention. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big media event like the legendary San Diego Comic-Con, or even just a smaller local event close to home, there’s something truly unique about  a couple of huge rooms jam packed with a ton of people who are all just as geeky as you are (if not even geekier!). Beyond just the obvious appeal of comics, toys, a number of awesome fan favorite celebrity guests, arguably one of the largest draws to comic cons are the amazing amount of cosplayers! Every year at almost every single comic convention, there are a crazy amount cosplayers who put weeks of their lives into working on the details and crafting their perfect costume! No matter what convention it is you’re going to, there are almost certainly going to be an endless number of Cosplayers there showing off their latest costumes and props!

This weekend we are live at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2017 to see all the sights and get a good look at the best Cosplay this con has to offer! Taking over the massive Expo Center in Oaks, PA, The Great Philadelphia Comic Con is jam packed with comic book fans and cosplayers alike all trying to get their geek on! Day One of The Great Philadelphia Comic Con featured some great costumes to kick things off right, including fan favorites from Star Wars, Mad Max, The Avengers, Batman, Young Justice, and even Power Rangers! We are bringing you a fresh gallery after each day at the con, be sure to check out the Day One Cosplay Gallery below!

Ash Williams


Anti Venom


Batman & batgirl

batman and batgirl



Chris Redfield

chris redfield

Killer Croc, Katana, & Boomerang

croc katana boomerang

The Flash




Jessica Jones

jessica jones





Lobo & Medievil Spawn

lobo and medievil spawn

Lord Humongus

lord humongus

Luke Skywalker

luke skywalker

Sentai Power Rangers

power rangers

Ras Al Ghul

ras al ghul

The Red Hood

red hood

The Red Ranger

red ranger

The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Black Mask, & Caped Crusaders

riddler harley ivy black mask batgirl batman

Serenity Crew

serenity crew

The Shocker




Star Fleet Officer

star fleet officer

Starfire & Storm

starfire storm





Predator Ranger

white predator ranger

Zatanna, Black Canaray, & Poison Ivy

zatanna cannary ivy



Killer Croc, Ultron, Xorn, & Captain America

croc, ultron, xorn, captain america


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