PC Gamers fell in love with ‘Marvel Heroes 2016’ last year and soon console owners are going to be able to take a shot at it as ‘Marvel Heroes Omega!’ The game is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and XBox One this coming Spring and we’ve got not only the first look at the video game but a slew of shots from it as well. Gazillion Entertainment is very excited about their “action-packed RPG/MMO” that brings together all of the major Marvel characters and teams. We’ll see “the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, the Avengers, the Defenders and more” all be able to join in on the fray of taking on some of Marvel’s greatest villains.


Not only are some of the major heroes and villains showing up but many of your favorite locations as well! “From the dark streets of Hell’s Kitchen to the mystical realm of Asgard” everything will be covered including special modes such as “Operations, Midtown Patrol, and Danger Room.”


You can check the trailer below!

So we know it looks and sounds fantastic but we’ve also heard a little bit from Lead Game Designer Ben “TheArtofRawr” Gilbert both about the game and how it was converted from the PC to consoles! First up, he took some time to explain a bit of the game for those who are unfamiliar with it:

“Marvel Heroes Omega” is one of those titles that doesn’t fit neatly in most traditional game genres. It’s part action-RPG, and with that comes a loot-driven progression system that finds players performing heroic feats, defeating infamous Marvel villains and collecting rare loot as they grow in power. But “Marvel Heroes Omega” also pulls a lot of design inspiration from MMORPG elements. That’s where the game’s long-form RPG progression systems, like our recently introduced Infinity System, end-game challenges, and solo and group content, come into play.

With so many Heroes to collect and develop, and so much to do, there’s literally thousands of hours of replayability to find here. Finishing the game’s nine-chapter story campaign is really just the beginning—and we’re really proud to be able to offer that with a free-to-play game.


When talking about balancing in the game, there won’t be much changed between the PC game as it is now and the console editions. However, there is a reason that is, and it is because:

Over the past three years, we’ve brought tons of new content, significant improvements to core gameplay systems, and major updates to visuals for our growing roster of Heroes from the Marvel Universe since the game first launched. I think the game’s in a great place right now on all platforms. Whether you’re used to playing “Marvel Heroes” on PC or planning to jump into “Marvel Heroes Omega” for the first time, I think you’ll have a blast.


Fans of the game know that they’ve put a lot of work into the PC edition and it looks like the console versions are getting the same love and attention to detail that we’ve seen so far.

Are you looking forward to playing ‘Marvel Heroes Omega’ on the console? Which characters are you most looking forward to trying out? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Marvel

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