While the first season of Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ didn’t win over critics, that has made fans no less eager to have a chance to watch ‘The Defenders‘ and we’ve got the first teaser for the series! It all kicks off in this “Midland Circle Security Elevator B” which includes Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, Mike Colter’s Luke Cage, Charlie Cox’s as Matt Murdock with a mask on but not in his Daredevil costume, and Finn Jones in a suit who still hasn’t learned that he needs to protect his identity when out doing heroics as the ‘Iron Fist.

We see that Jessica notes the security camera and decides to take it out. There isn’t anything after that which quite tells us when to expect the series to be released, but the timestamp keeps going until it ends on 8:18:20:17. With August 18th, 2017 being a Friday it would seem like that is the date we’ll be able to see ‘The Defenders’ form!

You can check out this all too aptly named teaser below:

Sadly, Netflix seems to have revealed it a bit early as you’ll notice the one we shared isn’t from their channel. They took it down pretty quickly after and this is one of the many copies that went live.

If you look close, you may also spot that the URL “” can be found in the video. This URL will take you to the New York Bulletin Archive which fans know is Marvel’s metafictional newspaper/tabloid.

I suspect Netflix will be putting this trailer back up the same day this website will get an update with some new details that suggest these superheroes coming together.

Do you think that this is the date which we’ll see ‘The Defenders’ form? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Slash Film

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