The best villains are always the ones who see themselves as the true heroes (like Magneto), versus the typical mustache-twirling, cackling sort.  And it looks as though Michael Keaton’s Vulture in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ will be the former– a relatable everyman who is just seeking to do right by his family.

We learned last week that ‘Homecoming’ would introduce Damage Control, a concept in the comics that is tasked with cleaning up after superhero/villain battles.  We also know that Damage Control will be financed by Tony Stark who has been struggling with his roles as hero and potential threat since ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

In ‘Homecoming’, it seems that Stark’s shaky role will play into the motivation of Adrian Toomes/The Vulture.  Co-Producer Eric Carroll explained:

spider-man-homecoming-michael-keaton“He is a businessman with a family. He wants to look out for who his kids. He’s got sort of a Tony Soprano mentality. He doesn’t have these big delusions of grandeur where he wants to take over the world, or replace the government, or even defeat the Avengers or anything. He just wants to… he wants his shot at the good life, and he thinks it’s not fair that someone like Tony Stark can make a fortune selling weapons and find the light, turn away from that, and be looked upon as a hero and then even worse, help found – as you’ll see – he gets paid to clean up the mess. … So he’s one of those guys. ‘I’m doing some shady stuff, but I’m not really hurting anyone,’ you know?”

It’s quite understandable that someone would be upset that Tony Stark’s storyline.  He began as a war-monger in ‘Iron Man’ which was also alluded to in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ during the origin of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  But then he had a change of heart (er… literally) and became the metal-plated hero we all know and love.  But then in ‘Avengers’ much of New York got damaged during the heroes’ battle against alien invaders, which has been mentioned in the various Netflix Marvel shows.

Now, sort of like Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, it appears that Stark has spawned another threat.  Toomes appears to be part of the Damage Control team who gets fed up with the damage.  And since Spider-Man is something of a protegee to Iron Man, that may be his way of getting back at him.

What do you think of this take on The Vulture?

Source: Screen Rant