Starling City has always been a little chaotic, but in ‘Arrow’ Season Four, it’s about to get downright anarchic!  Or rather, Anarkic, as super villain Anarky arrives on the scene.  But luckily, Oliver and Team Arrow will have some extra help when another DC hero makes the jump to the hit series.

Alexander Calvert will portray Anarky, an anti-authority, anti-government child prodigy who uses his high tech gadgets to attack public figures including politicians and businessmen.  In the comics, Anarky was only 12 years-old when he became a thorn in Batman’s side.  He was popular enough to star in his own miniseries and then a short-lived ongoing comic.  The mantle of Anarky has since be taken on by others, all with similar motivation.

Calvert has been seen in recurring roles on ‘The Returned’ and ‘Bates Motel.’  His role in ‘Arrow’ is described as: Lonnie Machin (AKA Anarky) is a deranged freelancing criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to impress a potential employer.”

Calvert’s part will be recurring.  It was previously reported that Neal McDonough had been cast as Damien Darhk, the head of The H.I.V.E., a powerful criminal organization.  Could he be the “potential employer” that Anarky hopes to impress?

Anarky is just the latest Batman character to pop up on ‘Arrow’, joining Deadshot, The Huntress and last season’s Big bad Ra’s Al-Ghul, among others.

But Oliver, newly dubbed Green Arrow, may not have to face Anarky and The H.I.V.E. alone.  Even though his support team is quite capable, he’ll be getting an extra hand from DC super genius Mister Terrific played by Echo Kellum.  Kellum is recognizable from roles on several comedy series, including ‘Sean Saves The World’ and ‘Ben and Kate’.

In the comics, Mister Terrific is Michael Holt, an Olympic decathlete and the third smartest man in the world, who runs hiw own technology company.  After the deaths of his wife, unborn child and older brother, who was mentally handicapped, Holt almost committed suicide but was stopped by The Spectre who taught him about deceased hero Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane).  Holt then used his expertise to become a hero, adopting Sloane’s old moniker and joining (and eventually leading) a modern version of Sloane’s team, the Justice Society of America.

One major difference between the comic hero and the one appearing on ‘Arrow’ is that Holt’s first name has been changed to Curtis.  His part on the show is described as a “technological savant and inventor who works at Palmer Technologies under the supervision of Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).”

At the end of Season Three, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) left Felicity in charge of Palmer Technologies before he was seemingly killed.  (Of course, we already know he’ll be back in ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’)  Considering that Curtis Holt is working for P.T., he doesn’t seem to be as accomplished as his comic book counterpart… at least not yet.  And there is no mention of him taking up his costumed identity, once again, yet.

Unlike Felicity Smoak, a minor supporting character from ‘Firestorm’ or some of the other more obscure comic characters that have been adapted onto ‘Arrow’, Mister Terrific is actually a very prominent character.  It should be interesting to see how this character evolves in this new setting.  At any rate, if he does become a hero, here’s hoping he gets a new name.  Seriously, Mister Terrific?!

Are you excited to see Anarky and Curtis Holt on ‘Arrow’?  Are there any other super heroes or villains that you think would make a good fit for Starling City?

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