From it’s first panel on it’s first page of it’s first issue, Matt Fraction and David Aja’s ‘Hawkeye’ has been a unique and amazing comic book reading experience. The critically acclaimed series has shown time and again why it’s truly worthy of all the award nominations that it’s receiving this year for it’s incredible writing and gallery-worthy artwork. And now, the team that brought you arguably the best title of the year brings you something completely different.

Both members of Team Hawkeye each have their fair share of fans, but the silent third member of the team may have just as many. In issue one, Fraction introduced us to Lucky AKA Pizza Dog, the loveable canine companion that Clint Barton rescued from the abusive tracksuit-wearing thugs that crossed the wrong puppy-loving Avenger. Now, it looks like Pizza Dog is getting his very own issue completely dedicated to him. Thanks to Comic Book Movie, you can see the first peek at the upcoming issue of ‘Hawkeye’, which is told completely from Clint’s dog’s perspective, in the gallery below:

This whole concept is insane. The entire comic from the dog’s point of view? When you say it out loud, it seriously sounds like madness, but judging by the first few pages in this preview, Fraction and Aja (along with the outstanding color work from Matt Hollingsworth) have a super interesting and unprecedented concept that’s presented in the same awesome manner that they’ve been doing all these other books. I mean, this definitely won’t be some campy Pet Avengers story guest starring Frog Thor. There’s no other title in the Marvel line right now that could pull off a story like this. All together, there are maybe less than 10 real words spoken by characters in these pages, yet we know exactly what’s going on. I can’t wait to see how the whole thing turns out later this week.

Are you excited for the next issue of ‘Hawkeye’? What do you think of the series so far? Are you still sad over what happened to Grills? And do you think that Pizza Dog will have a bigger role in bringing his killer to justice than either of the bickering Hawkeyes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.