With how much the first season of ‘Westworld‘ liked to play with time it should come as no surprise that the second season won’t be picking up right where it left off. This delay might prove annoying to viewers who would like instant gratification of what happened when the hosts were making a run for it, but showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are letting us know not to be disappointed. We’re going to be finding out some things rather quickly because as Joy states, we’re “definitely going to see the aftermath and the effects of what happened.”

If you’re wondering how the series will pick back up, Nolan gives this hint:

“It didn’t feel appropriate to spend too much time illuminating how unreal this place is because the hosts believe in it so much up until that horrifying moment when they realize that it’s an artificial world. So we didn’t get bogged down in it. [We] will spend a little bit more time next season shining a light on those aspects of the park — what does it feel like to come to it as a guest? — just a little bit before the mayhem starts.”

While we aren’t going to get to find off what the hosts are up to right off the bat or how their change in behavior has played out for the park going forward, it will be interesting to see how different the guests will be treated. While we saw that the Man in Black has a very VIP kind of experience, one has to wonder how those with families interact in this world or what else can play out.

With this new perspective, it would be interesting to see if things will start off before, during, or after the events that were in the finale. If any of this occurs during the first season from a guest’s perspective, it could mean a return of some of the deceased characters in some capacity.

Even though some answers about the park will be given, it is the robot uprising that I’d like to know more about and hopefully the wait to see the fallout from it won’t be long.

Are you looking forward to taking a return trip to ‘Westworld?’ How do you think things will play out in the series when it starts back up? Share your thoughts below!

You can plan to take a trip to HBO’s ‘Westworld’ in 2018!

Source: Slash Film

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