Will Beall enjoys getting his feet wet in writing genre films as after ‘Aquaman’ his next project looks to be Universal Pictures rebooted ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon‘ for their shared Monster Cinematic Universe. This is a fan-favorite character which is often overlooked that fans have been clamoring for so we’ll see what Chris Morgan and Alex Kurtzman have in mind to tie the Creature into their newly formed universe which kicks off this summer with ‘The Mummy.’

While it is far too early in pre-production to have a release date we know that ‘Van Helsing,’ ‘The Wolfman,’ and ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ have all announced writers with Johnny Depp tapped to play ‘The Invisible Man’ which likely has one as well. Presumably, we’ll also be hearing something on Dracula and Frankenstein sooner than later as well.

While it is still unclear exactly how this iteration of the Creature will be introduced, Kurtzman previously teased:

“Okay, well, Creature from the Black Lagoon. I want that to be in the jungle. Okay, we’re in the Amazon. Where do you want to shoot that, on the backlot or in the Amazon? No, we have to actually go there. Okay, if we go there what’s THAT going to…? Well, now you’re talking about a big movie. You know what I mean? And there’s underwater, and there’s all the things that you would look for, for something like Creature.”

We already know that Beall has done some underwater scenes with ‘Aquaman’ which have been teased in previews so it could be part of the reason why he was tapped for tackling this movie. It would hardly seem to do the character justice without having at least one epic scene that takes place in the Black Lagoon though who or what it will be fighting remains to be even hinted at.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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