“Winter is coming” but so it seems is the Spring after as HBO has just announced that there will be a 5-episode 9th season of ‘Game of Thrones’ to better share what happens to our heroes and families after the end-credits roll to where the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ novels come to a close. On the upside, this won’t just be HBO trying to cash in on the success of the series as the idea came directly from George R.R. Martin who was busy writing these instead of going over the final edits for ‘Winds of Winter.’ It was described as a “multi-episode epilogue” instead of an actual ongoing continuation of the show.

Details were scant as the studio clearly doesn’t want to reveal any spoilers of who might be left in Westeros after the upcoming wars where Daenerys moves to conquer The Seven Kingdoms and Jon Snow must mount a defence against the White Walkers, but we have learned that at least one Lannister will still be alive and part of the story will be about a final debt that they have to pay. The series is set to have a darker tone than what we’ve been used to as we see that with every winter, much of the Kingdoms haven’t had the easiest of times surviving the cold.

As this is covering the families of the great houses it isn’t clear if any of the main characters are still around or if they’ve aged between when the last season closed and this one opens.

Are you happy to hear that we’ll be getting more ‘Game of Thrones’? Which Lannister will have made it to the end of the series alive? Share your thoughts below about April Fool’s Day posts!

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