Brian Michael Bendis Superman

Love him or hate him, Brian Michael Bendis has added a slew of characters to Marvel Comics over the years and he plans on following that tradition over at DC with his upcoming run on ‘Superman‘. In fact, the genius behind the likes of Miles Morales, Daisy Johnson, Jessica Jones, Riri Williams, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and more is going to be at it again. The creator always enjoys adding more to a toybox than what he plays within it and in the first issue he has written for ‘The Man of Steel’ he is doing just that.

Over his initial run, he has a slew of concepts, heroes, normals, and villains to throw at the wall and see what sticks.

According to Bendis:

“My first instinct is, ‘let’s be additive, let’s not be destructive. I’ve come on books in the past and have been gleefully destructive, and that’s fun too, people like that as well. But as I get older and as I learn lessons from things that I’ve done in the past, I know that I personally like throwing toys in the toy box. And honestly, the deal I have with DC inspires me to create as many toys and put them in the toy box. I’d be a fool not to. And also, when you start reading Superman, though the family unit is [wonderful] and beautiful and ready to go, there’s a lot in Metropolis that still needs to be built up. And the parts that have been built up needs to be revisited and enjoyed. That includes adding a lot of antagonists and protagonists into Clark’s life, including new members of the Daily Planet, new villains on the streets of Metropolis and the skies above as well. So far, I think I’m up to 14 new characters. I’m like, ‘Good, that’s additive.’ Not saying they’re all going to land, and they’re all going be the next Rocket Raccoon, but they’re all coming from a place of true honesty and story. There’s a lot more story to be told with these characters.”

We’ve seen Bendis create quite a few characters over the years and it sounds like his creative juices are flowing as he dives into Metropolis and this could provide for new experiences for everyone in Clark Kent’s life.

It isn’t clear how much of this new setup will begin in the six-issue ‘The Man of Steel’ run or if it will really start to kick off when he takes over ‘Action Comics’ and ‘Superman.’

While fourteen characters may seem like a lot at first, these new players will cover every aspect of Kent’s life from reporter to superhero. I’m sure that we’ll see a few of them directly connected to one another as well which will make their inclusions be fitting for readers.

Are you excited for Bendis to begin his run on ‘Superman’? Do you feel that 14 new characters is a bit overkill or does the number make sense when it covers heroes, villains, and regular folk? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book