If you were looking for something to give you a little faith in the sequel to the terrible adaptation of ‘Suicide Squad’ from David Ayer, then this might not actually be it. While we’re still waiting on whether or not ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ director Mel Gibson will helm Task Force X’s next mission, it appears that the studio has picked a writer to pen this high priority project and nail down the story.

Joe Seer /
Joe Seer /

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Cozad is currently in negotiations to write the script for ‘Suicide Squad 2’. While he is relatively new to the business, the writer currently has a number of project in development with big names like Ridley Scott, Justin Lin, and Kristen Stewart. He’s also working on a film based on the Valiant Comics hero Bloodshot for Sony Pictures. However, he’s best known for his work on ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ and ‘The Legend of Tarzan’, both of which garnered less than favorable reviews by the few that actually took time to see them.

Okay, the decision to pursue Mel Gibson as the director of ‘Suicide Squad 2’ is slightly understandable because he’s stumbled into some acclaim recently despite making some questionable choices in his career/life. And it’s important to remember that it’s not always the writer’s fault whenever the final cut of a film is bad since a script goes through so many different people before it goes from the computer screen to the big screen. But if WB and DC are looking to get in the good graces of the numerous detractors of the DC Cinematic Universe movies thus far, then hiring Adam Cozad isn’t exactly a faith-inspiring move. It’s not like he’s an up-and-comer with an impressive track record or an established creator trying something new for people to get excited about. He may be up and coming, but his IMDB is two for two when it comes to being flops. With the first one (along with basically every live-action DC movie in the post-Nolan era) having such a terribly assembled script, it’s hard to believe that the second ‘Suicide Squad’ film will be any better with Cozad handling the scripting duties and Mel Gibson potentially bringing it to life.

What do you think about WB’s pick to write ‘Suicide Squad 2’? Do you think that Adam Cozad will do a better job than David Ayer? Or do you anticipate yet another disappointment from the DC Cinematic Universe? Sound off in the comments.

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