With Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan on board to reboot Universal’s classic monster franchises it sounds as if Guillermo del Toro may be involved in their take on ‘Frankenstein’. In a recent interview he talked about what he would like to see from the film. Also his comments may have hinted at the direction that the overall set of franchises may lean towards. Of course when this interview took place it was right around when Morgan and Kurtzman were announced so plans may have changed.

Mary Shelley‘s ‘Frankenstein’ is del Toro’s favorite book of all time. To put it plain and simple, ‘Frankenstein’ would not only be a bug budget horror film but for him it would be a straight up passion project. So when he was asked if he wanted to take on any of the monster properties in a recent interview his response was:

“I would love to. I mean, look, I would love to do Frankenstein and Bride, or Frankenstein for sure, but it really, Frankenstein has been—I’ve been really, really, afraid. Donna [Langley] has approached me a few times to start it now and I’m always like, you know, it’s like the dream project so I’m a little, I’m a chicken sh*t, you know? When I do it, I need to do it. Like, if I do Frankenstein, I literally would stop everything, and I’m going to a sabbatical of three years, just to write that. It’s not something that’s gonna just flow, like second nature. It’s my favorite book in history.” [Laughs]

While that sounds wonderful, there might be a problem with getting del Toro on board. When he says that “If I do Frankenstein, I literally would stop everything” and take a 3 year “sabbatical” just to write write the screenplay, you have to remember that he has a lot on his plate right now. Del Toro is still attached to produce ‘Book of Life’, ‘Crimson Peak‘, ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’, ‘Pinocchio‘, and ‘Pacific Rim 2‘. I don’t think studios are going to enjoy hearing that all of those would be put on hold.

However, it wouldn’t be just ‘Frankenstein’ that he would want to do but ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ as well. So if he takes on the project we’d have still have a while before much came from it.

While Universal has already stated that they want to produce an interconnected world, they haven’t said how they want that world to look and feel yet. Del Toro has an idea on how the approach should be but tere is no word if this is just his preference or the setting that the studio has already decided upon with Kurtzman and Morgan:

“I think that it’s a great universe to develop. I personally think that they should all be period movies. I would love to see Creature from the Black Lagoon in Victorian England with the Victorian exploration, with a balloon and steam riverboats. I would love to see The Hunchback, Phantom, you know?”

Of course you shouldn’t forget that del Toro has already given us one version of these classic monsters which you can see below.

What do you think of del Toro’s vision of the monster universe? Would you love to see him involved in the film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider