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After ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ hit theaters, director George Miller offered up a black and white version of the film for the home release. Though the film was known for its vibrant colors, the dark, savage, grittiness of the story still ended up translating extremely well without them. Now as Hugh Jackman continues to go berserk in theaters everywhere via his Wolverine swan song titled ‘Logan’, it seems like the filmmakers behind the latest X-men movie are looking to follow in Mad Max’s footsteps.

In a recent interview with Deadline, director James Mangold revealed that he and his team are currently working on a black and white cut of ‘Logan’ for the Blu-Ray. The idea came about because Mangold saw how great the black and white promotional material for the film came out and felt that “Jackman looks best with a kind of pretty harsh lighting and that transitions well into black and white”.

Check out what he has to say about this surprising turn of events:

“It is something we are doing. I think it even surprised everyone to the degree that there is a kind of a running assumption that black and white is a turnoff for most people. It caused such an extreme reaction, and so much appreciation for these pictures, and then people immediately wondering if the film itself was going to be in black and white, and so we are giving it a whirl, and I think the Blu-ray will come out with a pass on it. I think it will be a very handsome black and white version of the picture.”

In addition to drawing comparisons to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and old school westerns that follow the aged outlaw looking to hang up his guns, a black and white cut of ‘Logan’ is sure to pique the interest of moviegoers who complain that the superhero genre is frequently the same old thing. There aren’t too many comic book movie character that warrant a bold move such as this, but when you have Wolverine in this particular story, it looks like it would most definitely work out nicely and offer up something different. While it remains to be seen whether it works out or not, at least Mangold and other filmmakers are willing to take chances so as to not make their genre stale and overplayed. 

What do you think about a black and white cut of ‘Logan’? Are you excited to check that out when the film is released on Blu-ray? Let us know in the comments

‘Logan’ starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant, and Dafne Keen is in theaters now.

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