Get ready to visit the world of Pandora from the movie ‘Avatar’, soon to become a sprawling franchise.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom is set to host a new immersive experience set to open this summer.  James Cameron himself presented previews of these attractions on morning chat show ‘The View’, while producer Jon Landau guided a tour for ‘Good Morning America’.

For ‘The View’, Cameron takes host Whoopi Goldberg on a tour of the Mo’ara Valley, which features a mixture of exotic Earth plants with artificial Pandoran foliage, all of which will light up at night.  As Cameron explains to Goldberg, the idea of a bioluminescent forest came to him in a dream he had when he was 17 years old.  At a theme park ride, visitors will journey via boat through the glowing forest.

He also shows off the impressive floating mountain ranges complete with waterfalls and though it isn’t demonstrated, Goldberg explains that another feature will be the experience of riding on the back of a Mountain Banshee.

Elsewhere, ‘Avatar’ producer Jon Landau gave ‘Good Morning America’ another exclusive look inside the ‘Pandora’ attraction, pointing out that this visit is a first for him as well.

“This is the first time I feel like I’m walking in the movie, because when we made the movie, it was a virtual world. We didn’t build any of the Pandora sets.”

GMA also examined the Flight of Passage Mountain Banshee ride showing that riders will be scanned with a custom Avatar created based on them, similar to the way Sam Worthington’s character was in the first movie.

Cameron also shared some information on the upcoming sequels:

“It’s Avatar the first movie.  Then there are the four sequels that we’re working on now, then a whole generation after that when all the conflict, all the struggle, all the warfare between the Na’vi and the humans is over and the Na’vi have welcomed us to Pandora to help us understand nature and ourselves better.”

Tying the first film to the Disney attraction, Cameron stated:

“As a filmmaker, you think, ‘Well, I’m going to put something up on the screen, and that’s a two-hour, two-and-a-half hour experience.  This is a place. And you can go there and walk around and see creatures and see a Na’vi and fly on a banshee. It is a bit of a trip that this was just an idea in 1995, and then it became a movie, and now it’s a land.”

“It’s not a ride; it’s a land. You know you’ve arrived when you’ve done a land.”

Will you be visiting Disney World this summer?  If so, will a trip to Pandora be part of your itinerary?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter