bloodshotValient Entertainment is set to bring many of their iconic characters to the big screen and to tackle ‘Bloodshot‘ they appear to have tapped freshmen director Dave Wilson for the job. The news came out at Valiant’s panel where screenwriter Eric Heisserer who is working on their ‘Secret Weapons‘ project and head of Valiant Entertainment Dinesha Shamdasani had dropped the name.

While this might be the first film that Wilson ends up directing, he is no stranger to film at all. He is one of the top visual effects artists in film these days and has worked on movies like ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ as well as being Tim Miller’s partner over at Blur Studios which did a small little R-Rated gem which you may have heard of titled ‘Deadpool.’

During the Q&A we weren’t made privy to a release date quite yet as it is still in flux while progress is being made on pre-production and development. If things stay on track, we should be hearing a release date at some point this summer.

If you’re new to Valiant Entertainment and want to know who Bloodshot is and what we can expect from the film assuming they stick to the comics, he is a former soldier who has regeneration powers given to him through technology. He was the ultimate soldier who could heal, have technopathy skills, and shapeshift. However, Bloodshot is no longer the man he once was and when we’re first introduced to the character he is out for revenge on those who made him what he is today.

Previously, Shamdasani has stated what we can expect from a ‘Bloodshot’ film:

“The Bloodshot film has more in common with Terminator and Robocop and Total Recall, than it does superhero fare. [It has] a superhero at the center of it, but all of the other iconography, the tropes, the conventions the trappings of the film are in a different genre then I think people would expect from Bloodshot.”

This movie will be a vastly different take as to what Marvel and DC have given us with possibly more in line with the recently released ‘Logan’ if anything else. It should be a refreshing change of pace for a comic translation and hopefully as fun to watch as it was to read.

Are you looking forward to ‘Bloodshot’? What story arc would you want to see in the first movie? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Bleeding Cool

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