We haven’t known much about the next big ‘X-Men’ story arc quite yet, but Ken Lashley has not only shared some of the artwork from “ResurrXion” but a few new details as well! The new story arc is kicking off as “Inhumans Vs. X-Men” comes to a close and we’ll see the shape of things to come on March 29th, 2017 when ‘X-Men Prime’ #1 is released. The book will shape how the new ‘X-Men Gold’, ‘X-Men Blue’, and ‘Weapon X’ titles among others will be laid out to shape this new era of mutant kind.

Lashley is working with Marc Guggenheim on ‘X-Men Gold’ and has a few insights past just the imagery we can see here to share about the upcoming title. Lashley is thrilled at being able to help kick off this new event as the first comic he ever purchased was ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #132 when he “was 11 or so.”

The first thing he talks about in the book is Kitty Pride and how she takes “center stage in the story.” As a teacher and one of the leaders of the younger generations of X-Men in recent years I’m not surprised at all to see her step up to the plate:

“It’s an amazing journey for the character. I remember her first appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN #129 as a young woman and to see her now taking the lead is interesting to say the least. Kitty Pryde has been through a lot and she is the perfect choice to become the center on the X-Men moving forward. l always have heard that leaders are not chosen, they emerge and I think Kitty has emerged as what the X-Men need at this time.”

One of the obvious visual elements that we’ll see right off the bat is the new costumes for the X-Men. Lashley points out one key aspect to costume changes I hadn’t previously thought of:

“Drawing new costumes is the fun part. Also, new costumes in this case are about moving forward. New, cool threads always make drawing these characters a bit more fun. I love the designs and each book has a very unique sensibility. It’s always exciting to draw the next era’s designs. I can look at an X-Men book and tell what series just by the look and it’s amazing to get my hands on them!”

It is usually pretty clear what era we’re reading in from the costumes alone, and this should be no different.

While the still ongoing “Inhumans Vs X-Men” has been a dark ride for our mutants, it sounds as if things will really be starting to lighten up for some of them going forward:

“l think that story had a very dark tone to it. I drew some very gritty stuff in the issue of that series that I drew and I think it really suited the story of the Inhumans Vs. X-Men [event], but this is something new so it has its own energy. I don’t think it will feel like a continuation but more like a fresh new beginning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to have an effect and that will be played out in the upcoming issues, but it a fresh, crazy beginning for the X-Men family.”

You can check out previews from ‘X-Men Prime’ #1 below:





While we’ve learned that this will be a bit more lighthearted than what we’ve seen as of late and a new chapter in the world of the mutants, it is still unclear what to expect going forward. I’m hoping that we’ll be finding out quite a bit more as we approach the launch of “ResurrXion ” this coming month.

‘X-Men Prime’ #1 will hit comic shops on March 29th, 2017!


Source: Marvel

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