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While the fate of the DCEU may hinge upon the success of ‘Wonder Woman‘ and ‘Justice League,’ that does not mean Warner Bros is not moving forward with other projects set in their comic book movie universe, especially when there is fan excitement for some of those projects. Such is the case for ‘Gotham Sirens,’ helmed by David Ayers and basically the ‘Suicide Squad’ spin-off where the studio plans on taking the most popular character, Harley Quinn, and giving her a movie all her own, this time with an all-lady team I believe (I know Cat Woman will be one of her partners). What the plot is going to be about is anyone’s guess, but at least this time they will be in Gotham City, would could warrant some Batman involvement that is not a flashback (though whether Affleck will still be filling the Bat-boots is anyone’s guess) and if the Joker is around at least that won’t be too much of a stretch either, though I hope this time around they actually focus on Harley and whatever characters she has with her, instead of trying to jam in so many other characters to attract an audience.

Big question, of course, is who the “villain” of the film would be, and I put that in quotation marks because technically they’re all villains, but the question is who will Harley and her pals be going up against. Fortunately for us, David Ayer loves social media, and has already begun dropping hints, starting with the picture below he recently dropped on Twitter:

Could Black Mask be the villain for ‘Gotham Sirens?’ He has been seen working with Cat Woman recently in the comics, and has been in the comics since the 80s, with an obsession with collecting masks, including Batman’s cowl, which makes him cooky enough to kind of work with the aesthetic established in ‘Suicide Squad.’ And it would show Ayers going in a completely different direction that the laughable dancing witch who threatened the world in ‘Suicide Squad,’ and bring it all a little more down to earth, which would fit since the movie will ostensibly take place in Gotham City, which has always been a little more grounded than the other DC cities.

What would you think of Black Mask as the villain of ‘Gotham Sirens?’ Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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