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I’m pretty sure we don’t have to go into the details of how many pre-production issues that ‘The Batman‘ has had so far but Matt Reeves seems to have come in to make the film with a vengeance. Ever since he was chosen to guide the future of the cinematic Dark Knight, there were a few questions on how he would go about doing it, but it looks even though Reeves and Warner Brothers were having differences on how much creative freedom the director would be allowed to have on the film. As there was already a script that they liked which was penned by Terrio, Affleck, and Geoff Johns, it was hard to see the studio allowing Reeves to have full creative control over the film.

It looks like their desire to see him helm the movie won out though as they gave him the same thing that James Wan has with ‘Aquaman.’ The negotiations that almost saw Reeves leave the film, ended with Reeves signing on the dotted line appears to have given him “the final say on all things ‘The Batman’.”

It is hard to say what that means for the script that is already in place though we do know Reeves can create stunning cinematics and details worlds with strong character development. All of these things are something that the DCEU can handily use more of, and if he has full control, there wouldn’t be any interference by other producers of the franchise like say, Zach Snyder.

As ‘The Batman’ still has no release date at this time, rewrites wouldn’t hurt the production time of the film though I’m sure the studio is eager to get Affleck back in front of the camera sooner than later.

Are you happy to hear that Matt Reeves will be able to make ‘The Batman’ how he wants to? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant.

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