Stephen Moyer
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It seems that there is a some fresh blood coming to the ‘X-Men’ universe (some ‘True Blood’ one might say) in the form of Stephen Moyer, who has just signed on to play one of the leads on the new Marvel pilot over on the Fox network.

The show of course has been the much rumored ‘X-Men’ series with Bryan Singer directing that has been the subject of a lot of discussion over the past couple of months, with a plot that basically sees two ordinary parents (one of whom we now know will be played by Moyer) who discover their children possess mutant powers, and must go on the run to protect their family from a hostile government. Fortunately along the way, they meet a network of underground mutant allies who help them fight to survive.

Moyer will be playing the dad, a DA named Reed who at first is attempting to balance his life as a DA with his responsibilities to the family, though you know that will go out the window once they are on the run, as I highly doubt they will still have him practicing law once his kids are exposed as mutants and he and his family are fugitives from the government. But who knows?

Moyer of course is best known for his work on HBO’s ‘True Blood’ where he spent 7 years wooing Sookie Stackhouse before meeting his demise, and it will be interesting to see how he plays a regular human this time around. Of course, he always had that quiet strength that I’m sure will come through even while playing an average man, especially as a father, and I can totally see him carrying a show on that strength.

What are your thoughts on Moyer being the lead on this ‘X-Men’ series on Fox? Do you like the direction this show is heading? Share your thoughts on the new series in the comments below, and feel free to share any theories you might have about the show there as well!

Source: Deadline