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With Warner Brothers having tapped Chris McKay (‘The LEGO Batman Movie‘) to direct ‘Nightwing,’ he has decided to give a very brief statement as to what kind of film this was going to be. Sadly, there are no plot details about how Dick Grayson will be introduced or if we might even see reference made in the stand-alone ‘Batman’ movie that Matt Reeves is set to direct. I’m still curious as to if it was Grayson or another Robin whose outfit we saw in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and if that scene will be explained at any point soon.

So, without plot details or anything else what did McKay have to say about Grayson’s solo stint at Nightwing?

“Really interesting, intriguing, action-packed character movie.”

McKay has clearly proven that he can fit in some of the lighter side of DC with how well ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ turned out, but Nightwing is one of the first characters which come to mind that would benefit from the darker style that Warner Brothers has been overdoing so far. Of course, as we’ve seen in some of the comics as well as ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ there is room for humor with Nightwing though not quite to the level of insanity that he recently pulled off.

All of that being said, we could easily still see McKay fall out of the running or the direction change on the film:

“There’s not much I can talk about, about the movie. I don’t even have a contract. Anything can happen.”

With more of a focus on anyone in Batman’s corner of the DCEU, it is clear that they want to capitalize on the success of Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight even if the star himself seems to be trying to pull away from the franchise.

Are you happy with what little description McKay was able to share with what he has in mind for the film? Do you think we’ll see Nightwing introduced or at least mentioned before his stand-alone film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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