Fans of ‘Twin Peaks‘ are going to be thrilled as we have two new promotional teasers to share with you titled “Body” and “Mirror” which will quickly transport fans right back into the series. As we’re likely not getting any real trailers for the series, it is fantastic to see that David Lynch is at least going to make us suffer from some teasers which don’t really answer any questions about what to expect outside of coming up with theories.

The first of the two, “Body” is a 30-second clip which is mainly old footage as we explore the plastic-wrapped corpse of Laura Palmer’s body. The interesting parts to this one are that first off the photo of Palmer which everyone knows is out if its frame and taped to a piece of cardboard. On its own, that doesn’t seem like much but with the new tagline of “It Is Happening Again” sounds as if another mysterious death could be why we see Agent Cooper returning to ‘Twin Peaks.’

You can check out the first teaser here:

The second teaser is titled “Mirror” and has old footage mixed with new just as the first one did. The big takeaway here is Cooper being older and surrounded by darkness. Is he still trapped in the Black Lodge as he was at the end of the initial series or can we expect a bit of explanation of how Cooper got out and what he was doing all this time?

You can watch “Mirror” right here:

There are a few rumors floating around that Laura’s eyes open before the bag is moved out of the way in extreme slow motion and another that BOB is in the wind-blown trees in the second promo. To be honest, I haven’t been able to find either of these.

Are you looking forward to the ‘Twin Peaks’ revival? Which of the two teasers is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!

‘Twin Peaks’ returns on Showtime on May 21st, 2017!

Sources: Yahoo, Syfy Wire

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