When ‘Prowler’ #6 drops on March 22nd we will see Hobie Brown as he deals with the fallout from the “Clone Conspiracy.” Being near death was bad enough but things aren’t looking good for his working relationship with Spider-Man. Hobbie was nearly killed and was replaced by a clone who supposedly had all of his memories. Only, the clone didn’t quite make the same choices that Brown thought he would make and now he’s got a lot on his mind.

According to writer Sean Ryan when issue #6 opens Hobie is “burnt out, confused and lost. Hobie’s a character that’s always been jumping from one thing to another, and now he finds himself in the middle of that jump. He’s not sure where this next jump is going to lead him. And he’s getting pretty tired of jumping.”

We learned at the end of “Clone Conspiracy” that Hobie never actually died and was, in fact, being kept in stasis through the event. He was close to death, but Jackal had kept him around. Once he learned everything that his clone though:

The Hobie we see in issue #6 was locked up and kept in stasis during the majority of Clone Conspiracy. I think he finds it very disorienting to know that there was another version of him running around making decisions that he doesn’t necessarily agree with. I think that makes him question a lot about himself. Something this issue tries to do is get Hobie to really focus in on what he wants. The events of Clone Conspiracy have really thrown him for a loop in that regard, not knowing who he is.

While Prowler has been working great with Spidey for quite some time now, this whole ordeal was a bit too much stress on the dynamic that they’ve built:

Things aren’t great. Spider-Man has [gone] through hell. But Prowler was also almost murdered. Prowler is feeling burnt out and is questioning his whole life. He’s angry and unfortunately, he’s pointing a lot of that anger at Spider-Man. The two don’t leave best of friends, certainly.

I’m curious to seeing this play out in the next issue as unless Parker pushes him, that doesn’t feel like the response Hobie would give from his recent developments. While a near death experience will cause anyone to reexamine their life, it almost seems like there would need to be something else that nudges him over the edge and I can only imagine it is something Parker does.

What do you think will cause the fallout between Prowler and Spider-Man? Will the two be able to salvage their friendship or working relationship? What is in store for Prowler’s future? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Issue Synopsis:

In the aftermath of THE CLONE CONSPIRACY, Hobie Brown tries to return to normal life. But as miraculous as it may be, resurrection can sometimes bring ruin, and Hobie’s friendship with the Amazing Spider-Man is far from safe.

‘Prowler #6 will be released on March 22nd, 2017!

Source: Marvel

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