secret-warriors-1With Captain America’s “Secret Empire” rapidly approaching it was time for Matthew Rosenberg to bring the Inhumans into the mix by reforming a new version of the ‘Secret Warriors’! We know that the Inhuman Royal Family is about to head into space, so we’ll be seeing some of those that remain behind to help in the fight to save Earth from being Hydra’s plaything. The team will consist of “Ms. Marvel, Quake, Inferno, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and Karnak” with art by the amazingly talented Javier Garron bringing this book together.

With Quake being on the team we have at least one prior ‘Secret Warrior’ returning though I’m curious as to if this will in any way be tied to S.H.I.E.L.D., which is likely still under Captain America’s command. We’ve seen at least one previous iteration take on Hydra under Nick Fury’s lead starting during the ‘Dark Reign’ event and continuing until S.H.I.E.L.D. was rebuilt.

I suspect that Daisy is in charge of gathering the team and the purpose is quite straightforward as we all know how much Hydra loves people who are “different” as Rosenberg says:

“Well, Hydra aren’t the most tolerant of organizations, and the Inhumans are known to be a little “different,” so that puts them at odds. And really that is the birth of our Secret Warriors. Many of them are the Inhumans who are a little outside traditional Inhuman culture. They don’t all get along with each other, and they don’t all agree on how to do things, but they are forced together because of their common enemy. And I think that’s a key point to this book: it’s not about Inhumans, or super heroes, or anything like that. It’s about putting aside differences and trying to help people.”

While many of the older Inhumans are heading off the planet, one notable Royal that sticks around is Karnak:

“Karnak is much older, arguably wiser, and definitely crazier than the rest of the team. He assumes a sort of mentor/adviser role as we go, but things are never that easy with Karnak. But he definitely is good at breaking things and that will come up.”

Two of the fan-favorites here are Quake and Ms. Marvel. The spy and the superhero. Both women have grown up in the same circles but in vastly different ways and how they process the rising of the “Secret Empire” will be quite different from one another:

“It’s funny because those two, their different life experiences, are the heart of the book in some ways. The spy vs. the super hero. But Captain America means so much to both of them that it is a real hard blow. It is the kind of thing that can make you question everything you believe in and even yourself. And how they deal with it, what they want to do about it, that is the challenge. Quake is always going to be a destructive force by nature. It’s who she is. And Ms. Marvel is a hero above all else. So watching them have their worlds rattled is a big part of the fun.”

Rosenberg has previously primarily worked on various standalone books for Marvel, and this is the first real team he’s tackling. In his excitement, though he has shared what we can expect in a few interactions between the main characters:

“It’s a dream come true. I know that is as cliché and cheesy an answer as it gets, but there is literally nothing else on Earth I’d rather be doing. Working with these characters, a lot of whom are the legitimate next generation of Marvel heroes, and getting to build their relationships and add little bits to their lives—it’s been amazing. Having Moon Girl and Karnak be weird to each other? Getting to make Quake and Ms. Marvel square off against each other? Helping Inferno become a true badass in the Marvel Universe? It’s the kind of job you hope to get one day if you write comics long enough.”

I think that the pairings of Moon Girl and Karnak will be fun to read on page while Quake and Ms. Marvel sharing their views will end up in a very emotionally charged verbal showdown.

Are you looking forward to the return of the ‘Secret Warriors’? Does Rosenberg have a good team to play with here? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Oh, and we also have a variant cover for the first issue and the full second issue cover to share below:



Source: Marvel

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