the-trumpeningUsually, fans of Timothy W. Long will instantly bring up zombies when they talk about his work but this year it seems like ‘The Trumpening: Twilight of the Golden Menace’ might be his most notable work. While at face value you might think this is just an anti-Trump book but honestly when you read through it, you’ll quickly see that Long leaves no political party untouched as he clearly has a great time, the best time, poking at every aspect of politics. This is not at all Long’s military horror but it doesn’t lack any of the action or character development that his fans have become accustomed to.

The book itself takes place in 2024 in a dystopian society where President Trump has just overturned the 22nd amendment and is continuing his presidency into a third term. To prevent what they feel is a leadership that will destroy America and possibly the world you see a secret service agent, Marco Rubio, and Charles Danger team up to break Alec Baldwin out of a supermax Trump Industries Prison for Really Bad Hombres to stop the end of the world.

Once free, the clock is ticking for this ragtag team of heroes to expose an ulterior plan that no one could possibly foresee!

This piece of satire doesn’t just focus on politics but how the media and even comedians have viewed this entire last election cycle and the beginning of Trump’s presidency. All of it wrapped up into a thriller with action on nearly every page.

With everything said, the ending is probably one of the most entertaining and unexpected things that you’ll read. I guarantee you won’t see what he has in store for you coming. If you want a good laugh in a dystopian future that pokes fun at both sides of the political aisles than you should really look into picking this one up today! Now, let’s see how many negative comments we get on this from people who didn’t actually read the review that this is against everyone and not just Trump.


The Trumpening: Twilight of the Golden Menace
By: Timothy W. Long
February 9th, 2017

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