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Fans of the old Star Wars canon now lovingly referred to as Legends have been on edge wondering what the mention of a huge war from ‘Knights of the Old Republic‘ on ‘Star Wars Rebels‘ meant and now the showrunner has opened up about it. Dave Filoni has been doing a fantastic drop and making little tie-ins to the larger franchise on the whole and knew that he would be opening a can of worms by mentioning the game’s plot. Anyone who loved the game and Legends, in general, has to be thrilled that one of the greatest wars ever told in Star Wars history is slowly becoming canon. While the entire game itself hasn’t reached that point quite yet we at least know that the Jedi and Mandalorian did go to war.

While “Trials of the Darksaber” had aired a couple of weeks back at this point, Filoni has only now opened up on why he choose to include the reference. What it boils down to though is that without the war and pitting the Jedi against some of the greatest warriors in a galaxy far far away that their fighting styles and armor just wouldn’t have the impact which they do.

Here’s what he had to say on the subject:

“The Mandalorian-Jedi War that I have in my mind is very much derived from the oldest style of thinking of Mandalorians, which was that their weapons, their arsenal, their technology had a massive increase once they collided with the Jedi and found these force-wielding people that had abilities they didn’t understand. Their armor is a reaction to the Jedi, and I’ve always believed that because that seemed to be something that would be in the DNA of the Joe Johnston [concept artist on the original Star Wars trilogy] designs of them as super commandos.

Their arsenal was very much designed to combat the Jedi. For example, I wouldn’t know the details of the conflict that the fans have referred to. I played the video games though, so I’m aware of it in the games, and I like a lot of the things in there. So, when there are all these things in common and there’s stuff that people know, I think ‘Well, why don’t we use that?'”

While the war did happen, nothing else from the game can be considered canon at this point or even the details concerning the war which were previously known. “So you know there’s these ancient relationships that aren’t completely defined yet in this time period.”

I doubt we’ll see too much of the war fleshed out in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ before the series comes to an end as they have too much to focus on and are likely already eyeing their endgame. This is a ripe area for future novels, comics, or possibly even another show to focus on! Who knows, with how successful ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ ended up being there could even be a full on feature film that could give us the tale though I’m not sure if they’d have enough time to properly flesh it out in only one movie.

Are you happy to hear that some of the “Legends” are getting brought back into canon thanks to ‘Star Wars Rebels’? Share your thoughts below!

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