Actress Eden Sher who plays awkward Sue Heck on the ABC sitcom ‘The Middle’ tweeted that she visited the offices of Marvel Studios for what was supposed to be a brief meeting, but which turned into a three-hour, immersive crash-course in… at least a sampling of Marvel history.

Check out her very leading tweet below:

Buuuut, don’t jump to any conclusions.  Marvel Entertainment tweeted its own message regarding Sher’s visit:

Catch that “and more” at the end?  The season finale of ‘The Middle’ aired last Wednesday so she wouldn’t be at Marvel Studios– which is owned by Disney– doing prep work for an already filmed episode.  More likely, she spilled a few deets for the staff who were fans of the show.  But simply stopping by to chat about her show and pick up some comics?  No, there has to be more to this.

The actress is already set to reprise her role on the sixth season of ‘The Middle’ in the fall, but being on an ABC series gives her a foot in the door with Marvel.

Sher actually directly tweeted Sana Amanat the creator of the new Ms. Marvel:

But sorry there is no chance in hell Marvel would cast her as Kamala Khan, a young Muslim woman born to Middle Eastern parents.

However, I know a lot of fans (and even a lot of comic professionals) still haven’t wrapped their heads around the fact that Carol Danvers no longer uses the name “Ms. Marvel” and that it has been inherited by a new teen character. So all the talk about “Ms. Marvel” online could refer to either character.

Marvel was pushing Carol heavily over the past few years.  Her last series, which debuted the name ‘Captain Marvel’ started off extremely strong, but faded fairly quickly and Marvel cancelled it and relaunched the title with a more cosmic spin.  There are rumblings that Marvel Studios wants to do a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ which could open the door for her introduction there.  But if Marvel does want to do a Carol Danvers movie using either name, it’s a few years off.

There is a more immediate project in the works, the Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ series. ‘Daredevil’ expected to begin next year, with ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Jessica Jones’ due to follow in an undisclosed order.  That would make more sense.  Sher could conceivably begin filming that over the summer before returning to work on ‘The Middle’ or if the project is not due to begin filming that soon, it’s still not to early to talk casting and she could slip into the role next summer.

Oooooor, maybe she just stopped by to pick up some free comics.

What character can you see Eden Sher playing from Marvel?