I’m sure the one thing you weren’t expecting to get stranger, in the second season of ‘Stranger Things‘ was Eleven’s hair but now that she’s growing it out you’ve got a chance to see what she looks like with curls. Yes, Eleven’s hair is quite curly when we return to the smash hit that Netflix has given us though it still isn’t quite clear how many episodes we’ll have to watch prior to seeing Millie Bobby Brown make her first appearance. The last season ended with her disappearing but we did know that David Harbour’s Sheriff Jim Hopper was still leaving food out for her, not believing that she was truly gone.

The new look wasn’t released by Netflix or a cast member though but on the front page of the current issue of Entertainment Weekly which you can check out right here:

If you take a close look at that cover, co-creator Matt Duffer is quoted in saying that “I want people to know that Eleven is back and she’s a major part of the season” which makes it seem like we won’t have to be waiting long at all for her return!

I’m pretty sure that everyone who loved the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ as much as I did can’t wait until Halloween at this point.

What do you think of Eleven’s new hair for the second season of ‘Stranger Things’? DO you think we’ll have to wait long for her to reappear? Share your thoughts below!

Start stocking up on the Eggos as all 9 episodes of the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ will stream on Netflix starting October 31st, 2017!

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