Star_Wars_The_Screaming_Citadel_1_CoverThis May Marvel is kicking off a new 5-part crossover event with ‘Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel’ which will cross over the main story arcs from both ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Wars: Doctor Aphra.’ This story arc is going to be penned by Jason Aaron (‘Star Wars’, ‘The Mighty Thor’) and Kieron Gillen (‘Star Wars: Darth Vader’, ‘Star Wars: Doctor Aphra’) to tell us quite an unexpected tale. With Doctor Aphra’s interests, current quest, and prior work with Darth Vader it should come as no surprise that she would once again meet up with Luke Skywalker.

The try surprise though is that they’ll end up having to work together for a common goal. Of course, anyone following Aphra will be immediately suspect of her intentions and either she is being forced into this or has an endgame all her own in mind. It all takes place in the mysterious Screaming Citadel which has a Queen and dark forces who don’t want either of these two here. Skywalker is set to get information to help him advance as a Jedi but all we know at this time is that she needs his help to get in, but not what she wants.

According to series Editor Jordan D. White:

“We’re so excited for The Screaming Citadel because it brings a whole new tone and feel to the Star Wars characters we know and love. The titular citadel is our version of the dark and mysterious castle on the hill, and our cast of rebels and rogues are the adventurers who face a stormy night exploring the darkness. Kieron and Jason write these characters so vibrantly, it’s awesome to see them thrown into a new situation like this…get ready for a good one!”

Aaron added that:

“In writing the issues so far reminds me of how much fun it was writing Star Wars: Vader Down and mixing up the casts together and it reminds me how much there still is left on the table. We did that crossover and the whole thing was these two casts fighting against each other, but we really only scratched the surface of what’s out there for stories. It’s been a blast getting back to that.”

These five issues are set to tell an interesting story but it remains to be seen how effective it will be with what currently looks to be a story not at all relevant to the main canon. Of course, we could be in for quite a surprise with the writing duo behind this story arc and I always look forward to whatever these two writers put out.

Are you looking forward to this crossover event? Do you think with both Skywalker and Aphra involved that Darth Vader might make an appearance? What information will be vital for Skywalker to get that Aphra has? Share your thoughts below!


Rebel pilot and rogue archaeologist wander side-by-side into the darkest corners of the galaxy as Luke Skywalker reluctantly teams with Doctor Aphra! The good Doctor has an offer for this flyboy farm boy – help her, and she’ll provide him with information crucial on his quest to become a Jedi. With an offer he can’t refuse on the table, this unlikely duo finds themselves deep into the heart of the infamous Screaming Citadel! Can Luke find what he’s looking for? Can Aphra be trusted? Or will the Citadel’s Queen and the dark forces lurking within make their journey a one-way trip?!



‘Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel’ #, ‘Star Wars’ #31, and ‘Star Wars: Doctor Aphra’ #7 are all set to be released in May of 2017!

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