One of the most memorable episodes of ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ was the musical event “Mayhem of the Music Meister” which featured Neil Patrick Harris as the singing villain who mesmerized Batman and his friends and foes as a distraction from his own crimes.  Now a live action version of this melodious menace is coming to The CW for a crossover between ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’.

This time, the villain will be played by Darren Criss, best known for his role as Blaine on musical series ‘Glee’… which also featured Supergirl/Melissa Benoist and The Flash/Grant Gustin as cast members.  It seems like it was only a matter of time before these stars got a chance to flex their vocal chords in a musical crossover event and now it’s on its way.

The crossover will take place on an episode of ‘The Flash’ entitled ‘Duet’ which was filmed last week and will air in late March.  (As was the case with the ‘Invasion’ crossover, the ‘Supergirl’ episode will only play a small role.)  Also factoring into the story are Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West/Kid Flash, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon/Vibe and David Harewood as J’Onn J’Onzz the Martian Manhunter.

Below are some images captured on the set to tease the event:

Though not pictured here, Jesse L. Martin’s Joe West will also have a singing part. Fans will remember that in the “Flashpoint” time line, Joe was a jazz singer.  In addition, accomplished vocalists John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) and Victor Garber (Martin Stein) will be utilized in this event, visiting from ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.  Also part of the story, in a non-singing role will be Chris Wood as Mon-El. The special event will feature original songs penned exclusively for this episode. ‘Superfriends’ was written by Rachel Bloom, the creator and star of The CW’s ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’and will be performed as a duet between Gustin and Benoist. Gustin will also sing ‘Runnin’ Home To You’ a song written by two of the men behind Academy Award phenomenon ‘La La Land’, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Though not revealing much about the episode, the creators involved also shared their excitement for this event:

Iris West.#theflashseason3 #crossover

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‘Supergirl’ airs on The CW on Monday nights at 8pm EST.  ‘The Flash’ airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm EST.  “Duet” is scheduled to air on March 21, 2017.

Are you ready to sing along with ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’?

Source: Screen Rant