Marvel likes to drop huge teasers without saying what they are for over the last couple of years for their comics so at first glance today’s tweet seems to be just that. However, another tweet seems to make it sound video game related. Curious? So were we when Marvel Entertainment tweeted out:

Instantly rumors were flying that tomorrow we’d be hearing some new comic book news or maybe a new piece of media for either ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ or ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.’ However, at the very same time another tweet came from a different company that makes us suspect that we’re going to get something video game related going on:

While the two being tweeted out at the same time could just be a huge coincidence, chances are we’re about to see a Square Enix developed Marvel video game which would be huge. Square Enix hasn’t developed a Marvel title in the past but has worked closely with Disney so seeing these two work together wouldn’t be that much of a stretch. That being said, this could be something as simple as Marvel Characters making an appearance in ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ as Disney characters have popped up in previous Kingdom Hearts games though that seems to be too small of a scale for such a hyped up joint announcement.

We’ll see tomorrow what this announcement will hold in store for us but my money is on a new video game being announced.

Do you think that the Marvel and Square Enix announcements are one in the same or is the timing just a huge coincidence? Will this be a new game announcement or just character inclusions? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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