Politics is a sensitive subject these days and each side of the US political spectrum believes that the other is going to be the end of the world so Universal Studios is doubling down on that thought with the Michael Bay produced ‘Little America!’ The film was up for an intense bidding war which Universal recently won. At this time Rowan Athale (‘Wasteland’) wrote the spec for the film and will be directing it as well.

‘Little America’ is described as “sci-fun” instead of “sci-fi” to give a focus on the comedic aspects of a dystopian future where a President based loosely on Donald Trump has bankrupted the country as we see China call in all of its debt. This leads to China now owning most of America and many citizens have ended up immigrating to China in order to find work.

With work being found overseas we see a Chinese billionaire hiring an ex-American Force Recon member to head into the American ghetto to save his daughter. Think ‘Escape From New York’ for tone but with a lot of comedy and social commentary on today’s politics thrown in.

While Bay has worked in alternate dystopian futures in the past through the ‘Purge’ series, this is likely to be the most controversial of his films to date with what a sensitive subject Trump’s presidency has been so far. It will be quite interesting to see how much like the President we’ll see the actor portray when it is released on the big screen.

Perhaps they could tap Alec Baldwin for the role.

Are you looking forward to ‘Little America’ or do you think that we’ve had enough humor at the President’s expense at this point already? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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