While you may not be a fan of his latest films, it’s hard to argue that Kevin Smith wasn’t made for bringing superheroes to life. Aside from the fact that he is a lifelong fanboy with a history of comic book writing and multiple podcasts dedicated to his love of superheroes, the filmmaker proved that he could handle live-action versions of such beloved characters when he directed a few episodes of ‘The Flash’ on The CW, which were met with plenty of acclaim. He’s also been enlisted to helm a few installments of ‘Supergirl’ this season as well. So now that his skills in this department have been established, what’s next for ol’ Silent Bob in the DC Universe? Hopefully it’ll be the opportunity to play with all the toys in the toy box.

During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Smith discussed his expanding role in the Arrowverse. But when asked if he’d take part in a future crossover if asked, the fan favorite writer/director revealed that he didn’t wait for an invitation:

“If they ask me? I put in my request to [executive producer Andrew] Kreisberg already, dude. After I watched their crossover, I said, ‘Please, dude, please, next year, just give me a taste of that crossover. I just want to be involved in one of them. I don’t care which one.’ They look like a nightmare to shoot, I’ll be honest with you. I did the ‘Killer Frost’ episode [of ‘The Flash’] right before they went into the crossovers, and the crossover schedule, you’re talking about four different shows where you’re swapping performers and characters and stuff like that. It’s a nightmare on all the AD’s, as they have to try to figure out how to make this all work. That being said, look at the end results, dude. That was absolutely thrilling to watch all four of those shows cross over….I’m asking, I’m asking. I don’t know if they’ll let me but believe me, I’ve already put in the request. I said, ‘Whatever it is next season, whatever the crossover is, even if it was The Death of Kevin Smith, I want to be involved somehow.’”

Smith continued by calling the four-part ‘Invasion’ crossover “absolutely thrilling” and comparing the experience of watching the episodes to reading a comic book annual, a super-sized issue that usually happens once a year and contains huge stand-alone stories featuring special guest stars (which is actually a pretty accurate description of what we watched earlier this season). 

Clearly, Kevin Smith is very enthusiastic about his work on The CW’s corner of the DC Universe. Considering the excellent job that he’s done so far, I don’t see how the powers that be could pass him over in the event that they need someone to direct an episode (or all the episodes) of an upcoming crossover. At the very least, they could hit him up to direct an episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ since semi-comedic ensemble pieces are very much in his wheelhouse. Just look at ‘Mallrats’, ‘Dogma’, and ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’.

Would you want Kevin Smith to direct an Arrowverse crossover in the future? Is there a story from DC Comics mythology that you think he would do a good job of adapting for the heroes on The CW? Let us know in the comments.

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