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‘Star Wars’ fans witnessed a huge shake up in a galaxy far, far away this week as Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the untitled Han Solo spinoff over creative differences with Disney and Lucasfilm. And as quickly as the announcement was made that the film lost its directors, it gained a new one when Ron Howard was officially announced as the pair’s replacement the following day. But now where does that leave the duo behind ‘21 Jump Street’ and ‘The LEGO Movie’? Apparently, they may be running towards the Justice League’s Scarlet Speedster.

According to The Wrap, Miller and Lord met with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. during the production hiatus for the upcoming Star Wars Anthology film about possibly directing ‘The Flash’ starring Ezra Miller. Back in 2015, the filmmakers originally wrote the treatment for the DC Cinematic Universe’s version of Barry Allen, but they were never attached to helm the project. But considering the timing of the meeting and the recent revelation of their departure from the ‘Star Wars’ universe, it’s very possible that the studio had a change of heart, especially since they’ve been having trouble keeping a director attached to the Fastest Man Alive.

Previously, Seth Grahame-Smith was in line to bring this Flash to life. Once he left over creative differences, Rick Famuyiwa stepped into the job. He too would depart the movie eventually, which then reportedly made room for ‘Back to the Future’ director Robert Zemeckis to take over. However, with a newly-created void to fill in their schedule and Zemeckis’ involvement never made official, it’s possible that Lord and Miller could return to the DC hero that they helped to revamp for this shared universe that all started with Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’.

Despite how fans may feel about Miller’s take on Allen, Lord and Miller have proven that they can balance comedy and action very well, which is an integral part of ‘The Flash’. With so many people trying and failing to line up with what DC and WB are looking for in a Flash movie, maybe the guys who crafted this take on the character in the first place could be the ones to finally bring the film up to speed. If not, then there are still some major problems with this shared universe that not even ‘Wonder Woman’ can fix.

Would you like to see Phil Lord and Christopher Miller direct ‘The Flash’? Do you think that the Scarlet Speedster factored into their decision to leave Han Solo behind? And if these two can’t get the ball rolling with Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, then who do you think would be right for the job? Sound off in the comments.