When ‘The Walking Dead‘ went on the Season 7 midseason break we saw a family reunited and a Rick Grimes who was done just rolling over for Negan. Now new photos are teasing what we will see from the show going forward. One of the big cliffhangers from the last season was a mystery person who had followed our survivors back to Alexandria and it sounds as if we’ll be meeting them rather quickly.

You can see them in the image below:


We have no idea who this character or actor is as of yet and aren’t even sure if they are from the comic but according to showrunner Scott M. Gimple:

“I’m just going to say that Rick is going to meet this person and/or persons pretty quickly. The answers are just around the heap. I cannot wait for people to meet this character and to see this actor. There is some formidable fun coming up.”

That isn’t the only tease that we’re being given though as we have Khary Payton as King Ezekiel who I suspect Rick will soon be meeting and trying to band together with:

The Kingdom has a large healthy populace but most of them are well protected and don’t realize how bad things are with Negan. They could be a great source of help but one that will be highly reluctant to get involved in the fight and, for the most part, won’t have much to contribute in the way of veterans.

Having Steven Ogg’s Simon hanging around what looks to be Alexandria though won’t help any potential planning of Rick’s rebellion go any smoother.

Finally, to round things out we’ve got both a group shot and a look at a couple of fan favorites to wrap things up for you today.



Are you looking forward to the return of ‘The Walking Dead’? Happy to see that Rick seems to be back to his normal self? How do you think Alexandria will be able to re-arm itself and the other towns without Negan noticing? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ will “Rise Up” when it returns to AMC on Sunday, February 12th, 2017.

Source: Collider.

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