The Big Bang Theory The Tam Turbulence

This week’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ was moderately better than the disappointing outing from last week but still seemed to be lacking some of the quality of the first two episode of the season. Luckily for them, they were able to get some great comedy out of introducing Sheldon’s childhood friend Tam, who we have met over on ‘Young Sheldon’ but had never heard of before on ‘Big Bang Theory,’ and of course, any scenes with Penny and Bernadette getting a little tipsy are always a lot of fun.

The Tam Turbulence big bang theoryJumping in, the main story revolves around Sheldon learning that his old childhood friend Tam is coming to town to show his son around Sheldon’s campus, and Sheldon revealing to the gang that he has been feuding with Tam for 20 years. The guys are fascinated to learn that Sheldon had a best friend growing up, and try to find out what their argument was about, but even Sheldon’s online enemies list is not that helpful as it merely says “He knows what he did.” So they track down Tam at the University but are caught in the act by Sheldon, who finally comes face-to-face with Tam, who has no idea that they are in an argument. Enraged, Sheldon adds Leonard to the enemies list and tries to make another member of the group his best friend, but finds no one wants the job but Amy, but she can’t have it because he can’t complain about his wife to her. Eventually, Sheldon reveals that when he moved to California, Tam was supposed to join him but instead, Tam stayed behind with his girlfriend in Texas, leaving Sheldon lonely and forced to survive on his own. Amy reminds him that because of Tam’s choice, Sheldon was able to make the friends and start the life he did. Sheldon eventually makes up with Tam and Leonard and even volunteers to take Tam to the airport, through his proxy driver Leonard of course.

The Tam Turbulence big bang theoryMeanwhile, Penny and Bernadette are worried about Raj’s arranged marriage and decide to track down Anu and get to know her. Anu gets them into a very nice restaurant and the ladies proceed to have a lot of drinks (at Anu’s insistence) so she can grill them about Raj, and intoxicated Pennie and Bernie spill the beans about Raj and some of his more quirky habits and traits. Anu seems a little worried about it but oddly enough, does not immediately want to end things with Raj. Raj, however, is very angry when he finds out, and tells Penny and Bernie to stay away from Anu and stop telling her his secrets. So of course, Penny and Bernie start making plans to see Anu again so they can apologize.


SHELDON: When I moved to California? You-
TAM: Stayed in Texas?
SHELDON: (storming off) I can’t believe this guy!

SHELDON: (fighting with Leonard) You watch yourself! There’s room on my enemies list now that the cafeteria lady’s finally told me what’s in the chili!

LEONARD: Sounds like Penny and Bernadette had fun last night.
HOWARD: I know! Bernie came home pretty drunk, even tried to sleep in the dryer.

While it was fun to see another character from ‘Young Sheldon’ pop up in the series, it is a bit odd to keep seeing these characters who we have never seen or heard for 11 years suddenly show up, with a retconned explanation for why Sheldon has not spoken to them for so long. My biggest gripe with the episode has to be the lack of Amy, as she is one of the show’s comedy powerhouses these days and she had little to do in this episode. I think she would have been a fun addition to the drunken dinner with Anu.

Here’s hoping that with Anu knowing most of Raj’s dirty secrets and still sticking around this means she could actually be the one for Raj, as I do want to see him happy in a good relationship (even if he is not married) by the end of the series, though it might be a bit convenient if he does end up with Anu since she so easily came into his life. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

See you back here soon for the next review!