With Cameron Monaghan returning to the land of the living in ‘Gotham‘ as the future Joker Jerome, fans might be happy to hear that Harley Quinn is on her way in as well. While it is doubtful that we’ll see her show up in character during the season we have learned that 22nd episode or season 3 finale will likely have her show up in some fashion.

Chances are, we’ll only be seeing the civilian form of the character before she is seduced into becoming the Joker’s henchwoman.

Producer John Stephens was actually pretty open about confirming the appearance by saying that:

We might see [her] in Episode 22.

Not only that but her character will end up as a “launching point” for the fourth season and the central plot that will run through the next story arc and that “It’s crazy.”

We don’t know which actress is taking on the role at this point. There has been plenty of speculation that Erin Richards as Gordon’s ex-lover Barbara Kean might evolve into the character. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if we got an actual Harleen Frances Quinzel who somehow ends up treating the madman. If we see Jerome captured by the end of the third season and over at Arkham Asylum once again it would make perfect sense that Harleen is a nurse on staff that is trying to help the young sociopath.

Are you looking forward to Harley Quinn being introduced on ‘Gotham’? Do you hope it is Barbara Kean, a nurse at Arkham, or an entirely new take on the character? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: TV Guide

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