Two pivotal roles have just been cast in next season’s ‘Game of Thrones.’ One is a fearless warrior and the other is a skilled mercenary. Both have distinct connections to Daenerys Targaryen (Emelia Clarke) and her ambition to reclaim the Iron Throne.

Ed Skrein

Before catching the acting bug, Skrein has had an avid musical career releasing his own album and working on tour with such UK artists as the Foreign Beggars, Nathan Flutebox Lee, Asian Dub Foundation and Plan B.

Skrein has been cast as Daario Naharis, the roguish and highly deadly Tyrochi sellsword with blue hair and a blue beard to match. In the ‘Song of Fire and Ice’ book series from which the series is based upon, Daario is the captain of a mercenary company of soldiers called the Stormcrows who helps the Dragon Mother sail into Westeros. Daario becomes a permanent member of her “Khalasar” as well as her object of lust.

Jacob Anderson

Also recently cast is Jacob Anderson who has been given the role of Grey Worm.

Unlike Skrein, Anderson has appeared in numerous films and TV shows such as ‘Adulthood’ (which was written and directed by ‘Doctor Who’ alum Noel Clarke), ‘Episodes’, ‘Demons Never Die’, ‘Primeval’, and ‘Skins’.

In the book series, Grey Worm is the captain of The Unsullied, a group of eunuch slave-soldiers who are trained from early childhood to become ruthless fighters in battle. Daenerys purchases every Unsullied in Astapor and frees them. They then join her army and choose Grey Worm as their commander.

The announcement of the addition of Skrein and Anderson to the cast comes on the heels of the Ciaran Hinds casting news a few days ago.  If there was any doubt that ‘Games of Thrones’ was an elaborate production, then look no further than the amount of new actors and actresses that have been added for this upcoming season. In any case, Season 3 is looking to be a one of the best seasons for the show yet!

Source: Winter is Coming