Recently we’ve learned that ‘Charmed‘ was making a comeback to The CW and while rumors had the original actresses returning, this new series doesn’t look to be connected. With a slew of shows such as ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Full House’, and ‘Gilmore Girls’ all making a comeback, one would think that this reboot would capitalize and find a way to bring back some of the iconic characters. Apparently, this isn’t the case.

Mark Pedowitz, head of The CW, shared this information during the winter press tour of the Television Critics Association where we learned that the prequel series would be its own separate show.

With there not being a direct connection “at this time” it seems like fans will be a bit let down hoping for some continuity with the 8 seasons that they fell in love with for the first series. However, all of that could change depending on ratings and viewership demands. Let’s be honest, there are probably more than a few plot points where some groundwork could be laid as the series will take place in the 1970s. Sure, it would make sense to not have the three sisters involved but we’ll see as time progresses. Bringing in Avatars, Elders, demons, Angels of Destiny, and The Cleaners are all easy ways to tie into the series without having any of the main characters show up and still be a subtle nod to the longevity of the characters.

Are you sad to hear that there isn’t currently a plan to connect the two shows together? Is a reboot instead of a new show really wanted? Share your thoughts below!

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