“No one is so thoroughly
Superstitious as the
Godless man.”

Back after its end of winter hiatus, ‘Grimm’ returns this week with Nick juggling Juliette’s big reveal with the most recent case; a crazed ax-wielding Wesen who’s on the prowl for a unique breed of rabbity Wesen whose hunted for their lucky left feet.

If you’ll recall, the last ‘Grimm’ ended with Juliette breaking out her Hexenbiest face for Nick. This week, we got his initial reaction; drawing down on her because no way could this be Juliette and Adalind did another one of her shape-changing spells. He finds that it is indeed Juliette and realizes her partaking in the spell to return his Grimm powers is to blame. He takes a quick walk, needing to clear his head only to be called to the scene of a murder where high schooler Peter (Cotton-Tail) Bennett is found dead not too far from his house, left foot missing. When he questions the victim’s mother, Nick catches her involuntary woge but keeps the info to himself for the time being.

Sometime that same night, a nervous couple ride out to a shack in the middle of the woods and meet the ax-wielding foot chopper and pay a handsome amount of dosh for the rabbit’s foot. They put it under their bed and get ready to start a family…

Henrietta demonstrates the powers of a hexenbiest to Nick

The next morning, Nick’s jolted awake from his night on the couch by Juliette. He wants to speak to Henrietta and Juliette gives him the address. The conversation he has with the older hexenbiest does not go well. “The blood of a Grimm can’t save her now,” she tells Nick and, giving him a taste of her own abilities, cautions him to stay away from Juliette as she comes into her powers. But Nick still needs to focus on the case and soon discovers a three-year-old case with the same M.O. as the Bennett murder. Taking in the fact of Mrs. Bennett’s wesen status, Nick, Hank, and Wu head to the trailer where they discover the rabbit Wesen are called the Villehauer. Despite the barbarism, its foot is used in Wesen fertility treatments and the Leporum Venators (LV) hunt them. With the new information at hand, they surmise that Peter’s father, killed in a car accident the prior year may not have been an accident at all.

The detectives stop by the shop to get more intel from Monrosalee. The couple shares what they know on the Villehauer’s historic predicament and volunteer to check out some Wesen-run fertility clinics as a possible lead. They end up getting an appointment with Dr. Redfield who dismisses the two after they pry into the possibility of using theVvillehauer’s foot for luck. Ready to give up, Monrosalee are on their way out when the nurse stops them. She has a contact to get them what they need, setting up the deal for later on tonight. When they contact Nick, he tells them to keep the nurse put as he’s at the hotel with Mrs. Bennett where the Venator has kidnapped her daughter Chloe in order to meet his clientele needs.

Nick’s questioning of the nurse leads them to the Spinnelli’s the couple who’d purchased the unlucky Peter’s foot for their desire to conceive. Nick gains the location of their meet with the venator and he rides out with Hank. They arrive just as the Venator prepares Chloe for an unwanted amputation though her refusal to woge buys the teen a bit of time. The Venator hears the two cops outside and hustles Chloe into the woods. He ties her up and tries to take down the two detectives. The three fight and the Venator ends up on the run but is not prepared for the fury of the young Villehauer after she gets out of her bonds. Though he gains the upper hand in quick fashion, her interference delays him just long enough for Nick and Hank to catch up, with the latter ventilating him with a shotgun blast to the chest. Case closed, good guys win again.

But we’re not done yet.

Nick can’t face Juliette’s lesser half

Nick returns home to Juliette and she realizes that things will never been the same between them. “You learned to understand me,” he counters, “now I have to learn how to understand you.” But she doesn’t believe it, woging into her less than attracting other half and Nick’s recoil tells her everything she needs to know; namely, he’s not ready for forever with her new Wesen nature, so why try?

If that’s not enough, Adalind stops by Henrietta and confronts the elder Hexenbiest on why she’s helping Juliette. But Henrietta senses something far more interesting—Adalind’s on her way to being a mother again. At first she denies being with anyone until, with the help of flashbacks, we see just who the father-to-be is…

Congratulations, Nick Burkhart, you’re going to be a dad!

Luck be a Lady

  • There were puns aplenty in the Wesen case of the week but the two biggest developments both involved Nick. His reaction to Juliette’s newfound condition was both disheartening (for Juliette) and understandable. Juliette only sees it as a rejection, still adjusting to it all herself and emotionally unstable (who wouldn’t be?!). It may not be ideal but both she and Nick need a bit of time apart to gain perspective. Even a day or two away may grant them the space needed to think clearly and not allow their mixed emotions to drive their actions.
  • It’s a pleasant irony that fertility was front and center for a portion of this episode with it ending with Henrietta dropping the preggo bomb on Adalind. The big reveal will not only complicate Nick and Juliette’s situation but will bring plenty heat on Portland from the Royals as they will certainly look to use the baby of a Grimm for their own nefarious purposes. I project it being a few weeks before Nick learns the truth and it will no doubt come at the most inopportune time imaginable—maybe even during his reconciliation with Juliette. The expression on things getting worse before they get better…well, that’s never been truer than it will be for this situation.