Well, now that NBC’s ‘Powerless’ is going to be hitting the airwaves on February 2nd, we are finally seeing some marketing for the new superhero sitcom, and it looks… ok. Nothing overly exciting or particularly hilarious just yet, but it does not look like a complete train wreck either, which is better than a lot of new comedies nowadays. The newest promo plays on the classic ‘Superman’ line of “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…” as uttered by the main character Emily as she watches the Crimson Fox soar past, but instead of getting to the final part of the line, she is interrupted by being hit by debris from the battle, following which Danni Pudi’s character gives her a hard time for not being able to tell the different between birds and planes. Check it out for yourself below:

I am truly hoping the show brings out its A-game right from the start, as I know it has been mired in behind the scenes production issues such as losing its original showrunner Ben Queen (‘A-z’), who was also the show’s creator, right before production began, and the network retooling which adjusted the setting of the show from the characters working as agents at Retcon Insurance to workers at Wayne Security, but I still think the show has a chance as long as the writing stays strong, especially with the cast it has which includes both Danni Pudi and Alan Tudyk.

What do you think of ‘Powerless’ so far? Will you be tuning in when it premieres next month on NBC? Share your thoughts on the series in the comments below!

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