In his first appearance since being axed from ‘The Walking Dead’ during the premiere episode of the most recent season (which honestly, might not have been as gruesome as what actually happened), Michael Cudlitz has a brilliant cameo on ‘Kings of Con,’ a clip of which you can watch below. And when I say brilliant, it actually takes some explanation, but when it was explained to me, I thought it was amazing.

You see, Cudlitz, on ‘The Walking Dead’ was killed by Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who also starred on ‘Supernatural’ as John Winchester. In ‘Kings of Con,’ Rob and Richard’s claim to fame is their recurring roles in ‘Supernatural,’ so there is already a connection. Add to that the fact that the clip begins with Cudlitz speaking with Gil McKinney (the man who plays John Winchester’s father on ‘Supernatural’) about the fact that Richard has gone back to the hotel room with Michael’s wife, and, suddenly it become a kind of meta joke that everyone on ‘Supernatural’ is out to get Cudlitz.

Another layer to the joke is the fact that Cudlitz was out doing a lot of conventions this past year promoting ‘The Walking Dead’ in an attempt to throw people off the trail of his character getting killed in the premiere, a fact that most people did not pick up on, despite the fact that he was so busy doing conventions around the country that he clearly was not spending much time on set. So clearly ‘Kings of Con’ is a show that enjoys doing big jokes and you really got to be paying attention to pick up on everything, but I enjoy that kind of humor.

Check out the clip for yourself below and then check out the full episode over at Comic Con HQ!

Source: Comic Book

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