Ridley Scott and company have decided to continue to tease audiences who are eagerly awaiting a trailer for ‘Alien: Covenant‘ with yet another still image from the final film, but luckily, there is some context to the image. was were fortunate enough to attend a special presentation earlier this month given by 20th Century Fox showing off footage from some of their 2017 blockbusters, including ‘Alien: Covenant,’ footage which we can assure brings fans back to the bloody horror of ‘Aliens’ with an ‘Aliens 2’ feel. In regards to the new image released on Twitter (which you can check out below) the trailer will explain how that infirmary gets so bloody, while hinting that while chest-bursting was a trope of ‘Alien’ movies past, a new part of the body will be bursting in this film, and it will be horrifying.

No one is quite sure what the numbers in the Tweet mean (aside from one theory suggesting the “2104” at the end is the year the film takes place in), but one thing is for certain, fans are good and ready for the trailer to hit, as this movie is coming out in May of 2017 and they are hungry for footage. As some fans are pointing out online, the sequel to ‘Blade Runner’ is not coming out until October but we have already received a trailer for that, and Ridley Scott has yet to give us a trailer for ‘Alien: Covenant,’ which is very odd, and has some folks worried that maybe Scott is not as confident with the film he has so far.

Are you excited for ‘Alien: Covenant?’ Are these random images released enough to tide you over till a full trailer is released? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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