First of all, want to throw out the standard SPOILER warning, as even though these may be unproved rumors, they could very well be true, and I do not want to be responsible for ruining anyone’s future enjoyment of the movie.

Jumping into it, from multiple sources (most recently an extra who worked with the production crew for 10 days in Detroit), plot details and potentially the ending to the film may have been uncovered. Big picture, the movie is basically ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ on film, only adapted to suit the continuation of the Superman story from ‘Man of Steel.’

From Batman’s older age (40 to 50) coming back from retiring after the death of a Robin, to Alfred’s protestations that reviving the Batman persona is a mistake, to a quiet dinner with Jim Gordon, sources say its all going to be in this film. But wait you might ask, where does Superman fit in?

In the ‘TDKR’ comic, Superman is a government lackey who Batman must face to prove an ideological point (and also to prevent the government from being completely omniscient). If these new sources are correct, he is operating in a similar capacity in the film, only he believes he is working “with” the government (including Lex Luthor) in order to atone for the destruction of Metropolis (in ‘Man of Steel’).

However, this just sums up what the most recent rumors had occurring in the story. The new information from the Detroit extra says the climax of the film has already been shot, including an interesting scene of a Kryptonite heist by Batman within Lexcorp, where it is also revealed Lexcorp has gotten their hands on Zod’s body. He also briefly speaks of the timeframe of the movie, which apparently begins during the climax of ‘Man of Steel,’ with Bruce Wayne fighting his way through the chaos to get to Metropolis’ Wayne Tower.

Exciting, as this new information does seem to link up with plot details already “leaked,” but it is still very early for that much plot details to already be out. I supposed we’ll all find out what’s really going on when ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is finally released in theaters in 2016.

Source: Geek Tyrant