With ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them‘ introducing Gellert Grindelwald in the flesh, Harry Potter fans have been dying to know more about the character! Thankfully, today J.K. Rowling is planning to help with just that. We’ve all known about this evil wizard for years but finally we’re learning a bit more about him.

I know it is been out for a bit but I do have to warn you that there are some spoilers for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’ ahead!

So, what have we learned? First up, in the film the character stated that he had a vision of a child with great power and that makes us all wonder if Grindelwald is a seer or just lies about having visions?

Unfortunately it is a bit of both:

So when the character was talking to Credence it means he does have the ability to have visions but who knows if what was told is actually true.

We’ve also learned that from Rowling’s website that Grindelwald wasn’t using a polyjuice potion to disguise himself as Percival Graves and what that meant for Newt exposing him:

Why did ‘revelio’ undo the effects of Polyjuice Potion?
It didn’t. Grindelwald’s Transfiguration surpasses that of most wizards, so he used a spell, not a potion, to take on the appearance of Percival Graves.

Interesting to show that Grindelwald is already powerful enough to disguise himself as another by a spell instead of a potion and it makes you wonder what that will mean for his ability to use magic going forward. Also, if a spell was used instead of a potion it means that hair wasn’t needed for a potion to work so Graves may very well be dead at this point.

Did you enjoy finding out more about Gellert Grindelwald? Are you looking forward to the next installment of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’? Share your thoughts below!

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