With ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ now out,  it’s time to look towards the future. In a recent interview, director Justin Kurzel does just that! While not taking place in the future, a potential sequel was discussed from how it would look for the setting, time period, and approach.

Prior to talking about a potential sequel, though, Kurzel  does talk about why the Spanish Inquisition was being used in the current film:

“Well, I think Michael Fassbender and Ubisoft had decided on the Spanish Inquisition straight up – and that was trying to find a departure from locations that had been done before. But it’s just such a great period of history. It’s not only visually spectacular, but the religious persecution that was going on at the time and the figure of Torquemada, it just seemed like a great backdrop to kind of put a bunch of assassins in to fight against.”

There isn’t much in the way of spoilers here but a few things brought up could do just that so you’ve been warned! He laughed when asked about exploring the 1950s in the next installment but when asked if it was true, he stated:

“That was – that was an offhanded comment and it’s become kind of this call of war thing. Yeah, look, I think you could go anywhere. I mean, I’m really fascinated by recent history. We haven’t sat down and discussed, talked about where possibly a second one could go. Usually [in the games] you go back a fair way and it’s about the contrast of the present and the past. But I’ve always been fascinated by recent history and that was one of the little answers I kind of threw out there that seemed to have got a bit of wind to it.”

So it doesn’t sound as if we’ll be getting an answer to when the sequel will take place. However, as to whether we’ll be seeing Cal in the present or another ancestor in the past as the primary focus, the director does hint we may:

“Possibly. I mean, I think no matter what this was an origin story, that we were trying to set up a present-day Assassin and for the audience to sort of understand how he evolves and I guess how he kind of realizes he’s an Assassin. I always loved that about the idea that came from Ubisoft and Michael in regards to an origin story. I think in the second one, now that you’ve established it, I definitely think you could spend more time in the past. But I do think that Assassin’s Creed as a film is unique because of that dance between the past and the present, which you don’t play as much in the game. You very quickly go back in history. But I actually think it’s what’s interesting about it as a film.

But yeah, I definitely could see perhaps spending a little bit more time with an ancestor if we were to do a second one.”

So, it sounds like we’re establishing the present day Cal as the focus though it could be another ancestor who is truly the focus in the next installment instead of how Aguilar was apparently not the focus of this one.

Are you looking forward to this week’s release of ‘Assassin’s Creed’? Do you think it will break the curse of bad video game to movie adaptations? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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