Well, whether or not it is really necessary or desired (which is always the question when it comes to a network’s desire to create a spin-off of a television series), it seems CBS is indeed moving forward with the Sheldon Cooper spin-off of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ as casting notices have gone out for the title role. Keep in mind, this does not mean that the show has been picked up, it just means that they are preparing to shoot a pilot and see what they could potentially have on their hands, and with the monster success ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has been for the network, it is understandable why they would want to see if the Sheldon show might bear any fruit.

According to TV Line, the casting notice for young Sheldon, a search being supervised by creator/ executive producer Chuck Lorre, showrunner Steve Molaro, and star Jim Parsons himself, calls for a child in the 8-11 range who can play a “socially awkward, one in a generation genius.” It also includes terms such as “confident,” “short-tempered,” “fiercely-ritualistic,” and “arrogant,” which makes me worried that if they find the wrong kid this could just be a show about a spoiled brat having temper tantrums all the time. It may be funny when adult Parsons does it as Sheldon on the flagship series, but seeing a kid attempt to pull it off might be grating on the nerves and not something I’d want to return to watch week after week.

What are your thoughts on the casting notice? Do you think the real stars of the show will be whoever they cast to be Sheldon’s parents, and siblings, as they will be older and more relatable (minus his sister of course who will be his age)? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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