In what will likely be the most profitable ‘Wolverine’ film, it looks like lead Hugh Jackman had taken a significant pay cut in order to secure the R-Rating for ‘Logan‘. With ‘Deadpool’ paving the way with a smashing box office outing it looks like we’ll finally be getting the berserker mutant which we’ve been promised and hinted at since the beginning and they’ve never been able to deliver on the big screen. The news didn’t come from Jackman though but director James Mangold. During the 2016 Butt-Numb-A-Thon event, Marigold shared that Jackman wanted his last outing to be done right so was willing to take a cut to his salary to ensure that fans were able to get the Wolverine that they’ve wanted for all of these years.

As R-Rated films have generally had less of a return at the box office when your star is willing to sacrifice a good chunk of their pay it puts less risk on the studio and they are more willing to go with that idea. It would appear that is exactly what tipped the scale for 20th Century Fox to agree to back the more violent cut of the film.

From reactions online to an early 40-minute clip of the film, it would seem that the change worked as we’ve been hearing nothing but positive responses to what was shown so far. Fans of the comic, or those who have loved hearing what Wolverine is like in the films but not seeing it all look to finally be getting a delivery on who Wolverine actually is.

Are you looking forward to an R-Rated ‘Logan’? Are you happy to hear that Jackman was willing to take in less pay to make the film that fans have wanted since he first popped his claws? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Comic Book

‘Logan’ is directed by James Mangold and stars Jackman, plus Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Elise Neal, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Richard E. Grant. It opens on March 3, 2017.

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