In just a few short weeks, ‘Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens‘ has shattered box office records and reestablished the ‘Star Wars’ brand as a formidable marketing force to be reckoned with once more! Hasbro’s ongoing ‘Star Wars’ toylines have certainly been benefiting from the recent boost of life breathed into the franchise, and at New York Toy Fair 2016 they showcased some of their amazing new ‘Star Wars’ figures and products!

Whether you’re into the 6″ scale ‘Star Wars Black Series’, or you prefer the classic 3.75″ scale line, the team at Hasbro had something awesome on hand for you at Toy Fair! Here’s the full rundown…

‘Star Wars: The Black Series’ 6″ Figures

For the ‘Star Wars: The Black Series’, we saw a surprisingly low number of figures. This can probably be attributed to the fact that a new wave just hit stores last month featuring ‘Farmboy’ Luke, and Jango Fett among others. Still, any new ‘Black Series’ news is good news! We’ve got four new figures revealed for the line, and they’re coming in from nearly every corner of the ‘Star Wars’ universe!

From ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’, we are finally going to get our hands on Princess Leia Organa, hair buns and all! From the not too distant future in ‘Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back’ we are going to be seeing a classic styled Snowtrooper straight out of the battle of Hoth! Taking things outside of the movies and into the expanded universe, we’ve got two new fan favorite characters that people literally demanded be made! These two were the winners of this years ‘Star Wars Fan Poll’ from back at SDCC 2015, and now we’ll be getting 6″ scale realistic looking figures of Darth Revan (‘Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic’) and Sabin (Star Wars: Rebels’).

Princess Leia
Darth Revan

‘Star Wars’ 3.75″ Line

The ‘Star Wars’ 3.75″ line gives us our ‘Star Wars’ figures in the scale we’ve been used to seeing them in since the 1970s! The 3.75″ line is seeing a few new figures from both ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and the ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ television series! Fans of ‘The Force Awakens’ can look forward to a new four-figure box set based on the scenes on Takodana! This set is going to include Finn, Rey, BB-8, and Maz Kanata!
Takodana Box Set
If you’re more of a ‘Star Wars: Rebels‘ fan, then we’ve got some great figures coming your way from Season 2 of the show! We will be seeing a new Kanan Jarrus Stormtrooper figure, Sabin, as well as our first Seventh Sister Inquisitor figure and ‘The Red Avenger’ (who *SPOILER ALERT* is actually an aged Darth Maul!). We are also getting an Interatech Stormtrooper figure.
Kana Jarrus
Seventh Sister Inquisitor
The Red Avenger
Interatech Stormtrooper

With these new reveals from their ‘Star Wars’ line, it’s beginning to look more and more like Hasbro is dedicated to giving fans a healthy blend of both the new and the old in the ‘Star Wars’ universe, which is definitely great news! Be sure to stay tuned to all this week for all of the latest news coming out of New York Toy Fair 2016!